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Combine function with your labware

Use faCellitate polymeric solutions to add various bio tags to your surface. Easy, reproducible, reliable.

Perfect spheroid formation on faCellitate surfaces

The three features of faCellitate polymers



The polymeric paint sticks to your surface without the need of any chemical reactions.


The inert layer prevents nonspecific binding of proteins and cells.

Bio Tags

Choose any biomolecule to make your surface smart and responsive.

faCellitate polymeric solvents provide an inert surface, which can be equipped with a specific bio tag, e.g. a dye or a peptide of your choice. Simply rinse or incubate your plastic surface with your customized polymer for a few seconds. This creates your personal smart surface, which will be specifically functionalized for your experiment. Use your surface to create cellular niches, study molecular interactions or simply stealth your material to reduce background noise. The applications are only limited by your scientific imagination. Make your labware part of your experiment.


What if you could expand stem cells without loosing pluripotency?

What if you could create your perfect cellular niche?

What if you could grow spheroids in absolutely inert plates?

What if you could provide your molecule of choice on an invisible surface?

What if you could do any ELISA or binding experiment without noise?

Tell us about your application



With faCellitate polymers you can easily add function to your surface of choice. We are launching soon. Contact us to get a free sample of your customized polymer!

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faCellitate is a spin-off from BASF’s Materials Research. Our multidisciplinary research team combines strong experience from polymer research and life science. We want to leverage our technology to create smart lab surfaces as part of your experiment. Would you like to learn more? Contact us at info@facellitate.com